As the beautiful flowers bloom in all their glory around our community and the cool mornings give way to warm afternoons, we are offered a moment to pause and witness life’s renewal and experience a deepening of our faith.  I offer Easter blessings to our Tribe.

As we look forward to Easter’s joy, we see the suffering of Jesus in our world where not all people are treated with dignity and compassion. But we also see the hope of a new beginning in the Resurrection, and we understand that we have been given a new opportunity to reach out to those in need with compassion, love, and understanding.

During this Easter season, I hold the message of hope in my heart because every day,  I see reasons to hope in the way we care for each other, love each other,  and work to make the lives of people better.

I wish you God’s loving grace and the hope embodied in the Resurrection.

Ed Bolden,