The Bolden Group (TBG) and our subsidiaries believe in the transformative power of community engagement.  Our charitable efforts focus specifically on initiatives and programs supporting Inclusion, Diversity & Equality, Sustainability & Conservation, and Health & Wellbeing. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, we demonstrate what community investment means.  From donations and matching to on-the-ground volunteerism, we are committed to supporting the communities we serve through impactful and meaningful engagement.  This includes in-kind donations, financial support, employee engagement, fundraising, and other community investments.  Each year, TBG contributes to community-based organizations with aligned missions and values.  TBG’s Community Investment program provides a wide range of resources to help address existing and emerging needs.  Throughout the year, we receive many requests from organizations striving to make a positive impact on the community, and we are thankful to be able to provide support to many of these organizations and causes.  While we would like to respond favorably to all requests, we are unable to accommodate them all because the needs are far greater than our allocated resources.

In-Kind Donations


Our in-kind giving program makes significant donations of services and products including gift certificates, on-site seated chair massage, and employee volunteerism.



Our sponsorship program supports non-profit events, organizations, and causes through monetary contributions, employee volunteerism, and fundraising.



Our donation and matching program directly supports Professional Scholarship, Human Rights Initiatives related to Inclusion, Diversity & Equality, and  Sustainability & Conservation campaigns.    

Whether you are bringing awareness to a life-threatening disease, raising funds for social justice issues, or helping to make the world a better place,  TBG wants to help you maximize your efforts.  Please click the button below and complete the request form to request assistance.