Adaptation, Determination, Luck:  Surviving the Pandemic

In this pandemic time, running a small organization has been a make-it-up-as-we-go-along trial without an end.  More than 25 medium to small educational companies similar to TBG closed their doors permanently due to coronavirus-related operating restrictions and a lack of financial resources during negative revenue times.  We believe that TBG kept our doors open because of adaptation, determination, loyalty, contingency planning, and a certain amount of luck.  This year as March 17 rolled around, we celebrated our history, but more than anything, we acknowledged our blessings and lift up gratitude that God brought us through the most challenging ordeal in our history.   On Wednesday, March 17, our work community gathered to celebrate our 20th anniversary with an appreciation luncheon for the Tribe.

Ed Bolden

During the luncheon, Dr. Bolden, President/CEO of the organization, gave a historical overview contrasting where we came from to where we are now,  “With everything going on in the world today, it’s crucial that we remember to be grateful for our TBG Tribe.  That’s in itself is something important to celebrate.” said Bolden. TBG has a dynamic history dating back to 1997.  Each year on March 17, we set aside time on this special day, allowing our stakeholders to come together and celebrate our organization’s founding,  highlighting those who have shaped us and those that have made a significant impact on who we are. Here are a few comments that our wonderful Tribe shared about the organization’s culture and Founders’ Day 2021:


Donna Funk

Well, another fantastic year working for such a progressive company that’s continually evolving to ‘making the lives of people better.’ I am so filled with gratitude to have played a part in this organization and believe the future holds a lot of excitement and growth. Thanks to Dr. B for taking us on a trip down memory lane. Let’s do this!“—Donna Funk, Education


Jeryd Greer

I think the most meaningful moment of the event came when Ed opened the floor at the end to give everyone the ability to share their thoughts. It was touching to hear members of the Tribe and speak about how much the organization has impacted their personal lives. Hearing them describe the personal nature of our vision of “making the lives of people better” and how we each now carry it outside of the job.”—Jeryd Greer, Co-Owner


Megan Hamm

If you wake up miserable, dreading your workday, I just can’t relate. Every day at ‘work’ is a day that I   look forward to.  Just picture Spongebob singing, “I’m ready, I’m ready!”. I’m in a place where I know that I’m appreciated, valued, and supported by every single person that surrounds me. I’ve never once heard a coworker bad mouth one another or complain of being there. Everybody works as a team. We all pitch in with the daily duties with a smile on our faces. We are a family…a tribe who embraces each other and our weirdness (if there is such a thing). Visit TBG any day, any time, and you will see and feel what I mean. You feel a warmness, like the biggest hug you’ve ever had. It’s like home. And that’s exactly what TBG is to me. HOME. ” —Megan Hamm, LMT

Clint Hyde

It was very touching to see and hear those that had been with the organization for a long time reminiscing on how it all started and evolved over the years. It makes me proud to be a part of the organization’s history going forward!“—Clint Hyde, Operations


Stephanie Yester

“I finally found a place where I belong. A place where I can be myself and where I am valued and loved. My true “Happy Place.” Thank you for welcoming me into your tribe. TBG is really and truly THE BEST. I still can’t believe that I found so many amazing people in one place. I love you all.“—Stephanie Yester, Lead Guest Services Concierge


Paul Justice

Today was a fantastic day for the Bolden Group!  It was great talking about how we evolved over the years. I am in awe of how far we have come in such a short time. In his address, Dr. Bolden referenced “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us,” a book that First Lady wrote of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote, when he said, “…one person can’t create and grow an organization like TBG, it makes a village. It takes a village of incredibly talented and dedicated people like our Tribe to make something like this happen.” I agree it takes a village, but without Dr. B’s vision, passion, and commitment to the staff, our guests, and the massage profession, we wouldn’t be where we are today.” —Paul E. Justice, Human Resources

Jon McCurdy

I have been with this wonderful organization since I enrolled as a student.  I can’t see myself working anywhere else.  I’m so proud of who we are and what we stand for.  Our culture is fantastic.  Love, compassion, and understanding!” —Jon McCurdy, Clinic Coordinator



Alex McKinnon

I’ve been part of TBG almost since its inception.  I am proud to be a part of something that helps so many people.  This year has been especially important.  2020 took a lot of small businesses out of existence.  TBG and all of our Divisions held strong, and the entire Tribe should be thankful that we are still standing despite everything.“—Alex McKinnon, Director of Information Technologies

As traditions so often do, Founders’ Day becomes ever more meaningful each year as we celebrate our beginnings and the possible successes because of our passion and teamwork.   So what does the next year hold for TBG?  Over the next year, we will be working diligently on stabilizing our proprietary systems, enhancing and improving our service delivery, and growing our market footprint.  We aren’t trying to claim a market share of the dying paradigm for massage therapy. Instead,  we’re succeeding at painting a different picture of what the massage marketplace should be—one where challenging competency-based education and services inspire personal, social, and intellectual growth.